You might be concerned to know about PKNIC PKNIC Cards in Lahore technology. Here first of all we explain to you what PKNIC is. PK in PKNIC stands for Pakistan country specification domain extension. NIC is the domain system authority. PKNIC is an organization in Pakistan. It has the authority to manage the domain name system .PK for Pakistan. All websites in Pakistan are obliged to register in.PK domain name system PKNIC to run their websites legally. .gov.PK,PK, or .com.PK domain name extension will be assigned to the websites that are registered to the PKNIC domain name system. Even the government website will have to follow this rule domain name registration.

The PKNIC runs main servers for all websites that contain the top level.PK, domain.


PKNIC will manage any kind of issues regarding PKNIC domain extensions. Registrars will help you register your website to PKNIC, register a new website, or transfer the domain name of already existing and running websites.

These are some of the specific functions and workings performed by the PKNIC system in Pakistan. Several companies and organization in Lahore are running their business in the field of IT that can surely help you get the PKNIC services to register your country-specific websites. You can take their services at very low rates.


Here we discuss the PKNIC card. It contains a card number and a pin code on it. 10 digits card number along with 6 digits pin code. PKNIC card number and PKNIC pin code are very important to keep protected in case if you miss it lost it you will not be allowed to renew or transfer your PKNIC card. To renew a .pk cc TLD, you will have to make use of PKNIC prepaid cards. You can use these prepaid cards to register all cc top-level domain extensions. You can purchase these PKNIC cards from IT companies offering you TLD at cheap rates.

You can use these PKNIC cards to register domains such as,, One PKNIC card is valid to buy domain extension for about 2 year’s period. After this, you will have to purchase new top-level domains with the country specification for your website or transfer TLD extensions of the existing website.

For instance, is an IT service provider online business web app that gives you PKNIC domains for country specification extension at very low rates. It provides you several opportunities to grow and expand your business Worldwide.

You can also renew the domain extension of all these websites via PKNIC cards in Lahore services.