pharmacy management system

Pharmacy Management System in Pakistan

Tech Hive is providing a well-secured and user-friendly Pharmacy Management System in Pakistan that can make your day-to-day recordings very easy, and handy. The system will produce accuracy, efficiency and speed in work. We also provide web development services for the  Education System.

Pharmacy Management Software

People require Pharmacy Management Software to manage the inventory, and other needed data and also make sure that the pharmacists can avail, reach, and use the data whenever he wants. Therefore, the access and the update of a database in a pharmacy must be quick. It is important for pharmacies to have a management system to record the use of medicine correctly to make sure there is no abuse of access to the inventory.

The requirement of Pharmacy Management System are in:

  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Rehab Centers

A pharmacy management system records sensitive medical history about each patient, so it requires high-security protocols across the world. The following facilities are included:

Patient History Management

Our Pharmacy management software will help you to save and manage your patient’s complete medical history. Pharmacies usually keep the following type of patient data;

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Health insurance details
  • Phone numbers
  • Allergies
  • Address

All this information helps the pharmacist and also makes it convenient for the patient as he doesn’t have to fill up forms or describe his bio-data again and again

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Inventory Record

We incorporate our management system with inventory management tools too. These tools allow pharmacists to re-order stock without having to fill order forms again. Moreover, it also allows the pharmacist to keep track of inventory and know when medicine is about to finish and what medicine they mostly buy at his store. However, this system allows pharmacists to;

  • Re-order
  • Return unused inventory
  • Labeling shelves

Consumption Record

The pharmacy management system allows pharmacists to keep track of the consumption of specific medicines to make sure there is no abuse of drugs, and nobody among the staff is misusing their access to inventory in any way.

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Billing and receipts have also become easy to print and make as you enter the labeled code of the medicine or shelf, the system marks it as sold or 1 sold and the inventory updates and the receipt according to prices already fed-in the system also gets printed out.

Accruals/ Receivables

When a patient buys a medicine, pharmacists update their accounts so that if the payment wasn’t on cash, it is recorded and can be taken care of later, through a check, insurance, or any other means.

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Reporting Data for Audit Purposes/ Response pattern record

Pharmacists always record all of their data, which can come handy in many ways. It can be used for research purposes and to make assumptions about a particular consumption cycle / behavioral cycle of patients, which can help in introducing a new system of medicine or type of marketing. It also helps the pharmacy to explain all ongoing operations, revenues, and profits of the business to auditing firms.

Advanced Search System

Sometimes you aren’t well organized ,or you forget where a specific medicine is being stored, so you enter the name of the medicine, and the system displays all the information regarding the medicine. Sometimes you might want to search for a patient’s history. Therefore, an advanced search system helps you in that too.

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Pharmacy Management System Project In PHP

PHP is a web developing a language that required frameworks like LARAVEL, and CODEIGNITER and provides you with the facility of both frameworks on a PHP-Core based Pharmacy Management System. However, our pharmacy management system project in PHP has worked wonders for the business of many of our clients. And we assure you that it will be the best fit for your pharmaceutical businesses too. So contact us right now and get your system on your term and according to your requirements at affordable rates.