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Mobile App Development in Lahore

If we explore the mobile app development in Pakistan related to app development in all over the globe. Over 60% of the population in today times prefer to use mobile technology and that’s why all top brands, business, banks are available in mobile version. If you are providing goods or services online or offline, you must have a mobile app to target mobile users. There are also some fact you need to understand mobile development. First, it provides easiness to ultimate users, and you can access millions of new customers mobile. The second thing that matters the most is the functionality and working of your apps. It must provide some information, solution or anything that is needed. In this way, people love to use your application; Otherwise, there is so much competition that people don’t have time.

It’s important that your app must cover all the important aspects that play a major role in the success of mobile development. App development in Pakistan is in high demand due to a maximum number of mobile users but it’s important that you get professional services from someone special that can help you target your audience on mobile with better technology and techniques.


UI / UX Interface for Mobile Apps

It’s important that there should be great UI/UX Interface for Mobile Apps because over 70% people make perception about the app when they use it for the first time and they also don’t give a second chance. In 21st century life is fast and there are thousands of useful apps that’s why your app must have to be unique, problem solving and has fast load time with best user interface. Techhive can provide you customize app that can help you target your mobile audience. We have a dedicated team with the right tools and technology that can help you grow your personal and business brand over the Internet. We have competent graphic designers with multi years of experience in designing user-friendly interfaces. The more attractive it will be the more it helps in the promotion and success of mobile app.


Android is the number one platform if we look at the number of users and that’s why we are providing customized mobile apps especially designed for android apps which also have the tendency to get fastest optimization on app store. Regarding your personal and business development, we can provide you with a perfect solution in mobile development for an Android. It’s a large market as android technology share maximum part in all number of mobile users.


iOS platform used for apple mobiles and apple products which is mainly used in Europe, USA and developed countries along with that business community prefer to use Ios mobile. It’s important to have an Ios app to promote your business worldwide, and even in Pakistan it covers a large share after Android. It will boost your business credibility. We as Pakistan best It Services provide can provide your mobile apps in Ios version which helps you promote your business on Apple platform.

Cheap Website Hosting
Cheap Website Hosting

Hybrid App Development

Tech Hive have a specialized team to provide your mobile application. Before hybrid technology, people use to develop apps for a specific platform like they used to write code for either Ios, android or for a window. All these apps required separate code for their use according to their platform. However, it is the first time in Pakistan that we are providing the best hybrid app development. It helps to customize mobile app for you which you can use in all other mobile platforms. Because of hybrid technology, your user will be able to use the same application on Ios, Android and on a window. This technology is user friendly and in high demand. We can provide your best solution regarding your app development services. As compared to build mobile applications in a single platform. You can use hybrid apps that allows to use apps on mobile development platforms.

App Development with React Native

It’s a mobile development platform which support all the major mobile technologies such as an android, ios and web. It helps you target all three platforms through development in react native platforms for mobile development. Techhive can provide best mobile app development with react native which you can commonly use on all platforms


Cheap Website Hosting
Cheap Website Hosting

App Development with Ionic.

There is another open platform like React-native, which is also an open source. It helps you build hybrid apps that can be used in ios, android, and web. It basically uses web technologies such as CSS, Html5. Techhive can provide your best quality hybrid apps in Ionic. Now get the best app development with ionic.


Tech Hive provides the solution for business for over 10 years. We have dedicated, experienced team regarding all your business development services. We can provide your best website solution in the latest technologies with Web designing services, graphic designing services for better representation of your business. You can get the best mobile development system with the best UI/UX and most important for every popular platform. It will help you grow your business to mobile users, which is very important as a majority of the users prefer to use services over the mobile. You can now also get services like e-commerce store on the mobile. You can now promote your business to get more and more sales by using digital marketing services. We valued our customer by providing them cost-effective technology solution to serve them in a better way.