Education system in Pakistan

The education system in Pakistan has been expanding and growing at a quick pace and so is the need for new systems and software to deal with the everyday activities of this system. The number of students in each school is increasing, so is the number of teachers required. Government institutions provide free books and uniform for all the students, so to keep data of these articles is also becoming difficult to handle. In big private institutions, keeping a record of funds, attendance, and fees is also an important issue that demands attention. Our need for a web-based school managing system has become a necessity without which schools cannot function properly. Moreover, a point-of-sale software is also our need.


School Management System

A school management system is a web-based portal that enables you to handle everything from the admission of a student to monthly fee submissions, virtually. This makes data communication between different campuses easy. It also saves a lot of time so productivity can be maximized. It provides complete control over invoice generation as well as easy to apprehend the cash flow of the school.


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School Management System in Pakistan

Tech Hive is here to address all your needs, as our goal is to make life a little easier for everyone and turn Pakistan digital! However, we offer a school management system in Pakistan so you can manage your student’s records and their fee structures and record. Moreover, our School Management System will cover all the transactions and record-keeping requires for the business in day to day running. The features don’t just end here, parent-teacher meeting timings, proctor duties, test score record, class positions, school sports competitions, and their results. The schools are becoming more and more sensitive and compassionate towards students in Pakistan and they are getting to know why it is important to take care of everything regarding the child. So now schools keep medical records of students to make sure nothing bad happens in an emergency.

Importance of School Management System

It is important to keep a track of fee Challans, paid and unpaid both, so at the end of the session, there are no dues let on the side of both parties. Also, most schools provide scholarships differently. They base few scholarships on academic progress, while others are in need-based scholarships. There are also scholarships for handicapped students. Keeping a track of all such scholarships is also very important.

Attendance is another issue of concern for parents these days. However, students starts sneaking out from school premises and sometimes not even attend school at all. To counter this issue, we are here with a great solution. Attendance system incorporated with SMS alerts to let the parents know if their kid attended school or not. It is also important for the school itself to keep track of the daily attendance of school; therefore, they could measure attendance at the end of the year. The base of the whole structure is on an LAN framework so they can communicate easily data and effectively.


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The functions our school management system will facilitate you with are;

  • Registration of student
  • Meeting timings for principal or chairman
  • Roll number assigning of students
  • Section allocation
  • Fee Challan
  • Record keeping of scholarships
  • Record keeping of pre-payments and accruals
  • Keeping record of miscellaneous charges
  • Medical records of students
  • The academic progress of students
  • Attendance
  • Urgent leaves and leaves records
  • Funding for special events


Software for School Management PHP

The school management system provided by abc.com is PHP-Core based software. PHP is a programming language used by web developers. Both frameworks that PHP uses are available in our vast variety of services and products. Laravel and CodeIgniter both can be used by PHP based software. Our school management system has two types and you can any of the two. Laravel has more features as compared to code igniter. This school management software PHP can be the answer to all your data storage problems.


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