You might be concerned to know about PKNIC PKNIC Cards in Lahore technology. Here first of all we explain to you what PKNIC is. PK in PKNIC stands for Pakistan country specification domain extension. NIC is the domain system authority. PKNIC is an organization in Pakistan. It has the authority to manage the domain name system .PK for Pakistan. All websites in Pakistan are obliged to register in.PK domain name system PKNIC to run their websites legally. .gov.PK,PK, or .com.PK domain name extension will be assigned to the websites that are registered to the PKNIC domain name system. Even the government website will have to follow this rule domain name registration.

The PKNIC runs main servers for all websites that contain the top level.PK, domain.


PKNIC will manage any kind of issues regarding PKNIC domain extensions. Registrars will help you register your website to PKNIC, register a new website, or transfer the domain name of already existing and running websites.

  • .PK main server management system.
  • New domain name registration and transfer a domain for already existing websites.
  • Registrar management system.
  • Authority to manage.PK address for public records.

These are some of the specific functions and workings performed by the PKNIC system in Pakistan. Several companies and organization in Lahore are running their business in the field of IT that can surely help you get the PKNIC services to register your country-specific websites. You can take their services at very low rates.


Here we discuss the PKNIC card. It contains a card number and a pin code on it. 10 digits card number along with 6 digits pin code. PKNIC card number and PKNIC pin code are very important to keep protected in case if you miss it lost it you will not be allowed to renew or transfer your PKNIC card. To renew a .pk cc TLD, you will have to make use of PKNIC prepaid cards. You can use these prepaid cards to register all cc top-level domain extensions. You can purchase these PKNIC cards from IT companies offering you TLD at cheap rates.

You can use these PKNIC cards to register domains such as,, One PKNIC card is valid to buy domain extension for about 2 year’s period. After this, you will have to purchase new top-level domains with the country specification for your website or transfer TLD extensions of the existing website.

  • .com

For instance, is an IT service provider online business web app that gives you PKNIC domains for country specification extension at very low rates. It provides you several opportunities to grow and expand your business Worldwide.

  • PKNIC domains for business or individual purpose.
  • To register institute or educational type of websites.
  • For registration of promotional websites.
  • Websites of the government of Pakistan registration.
  • Website registration for the government of Punjab.

You can also renew the domain extension of all these websites via PKNIC cards in Lahore services.




Once you are done with the website development phase for your business now you need fast visibility strategy for your website. The visibility of your website on SEO platforms depends upon web HOSTING SERVICES I. If you successfully avail professional web hosting services it will help you grow your target audience quickly. Several warehouses and companies are working in Lahore that will help you get the best web hosting services for your website. TechHive Provides Domain and Hosting Services in Lahore.

  • Web souls.
  • PK domain.
  • Web hosting Lahore.
  • Host One pk.

Web hosting must be fast, secure to use, running smoothly, and quickly. These web hosting companies in Lahore successfully provide all of these facilities at cheap rates. Tech Hive gives you all of these packages in a user-friendly budget with some budget cut plans. Features your required web hosting services.

  • Provides your domain services.
  • It features a fast band.
  • Web hosting services
  • Innovative and updated C panel web hosting services.
  • Provides you word press services that are fully supported.
  • For complex hosting demands it will facilitate you with advanced and fast virtual servers.
  • Offers you phone and email support system.

Web hosting is the platform for your fully designed website to be launched. Website hosting services offered by several companies are the channels that keep your website running on search engines and let the audience access it globally. They will have to type the URL on the SEO platform to access your website.


You might be curious about how does web hosting servers work. When you type the URL on your internet browser you enter the address of the website you want to locate the file and display it desktop screen. Your internet browser will receive the HTML file. And display it to you. But in case your browser receives ASP code it will run HTML code first than ASP code after it. The ASP code can be consisting of recent time details, dates, and any other same information or data.TechHive is the best company to avail of hosting and domain services in Lahore.


Along with the web domain, our company also facilitates clients with domain hosting services for our clients. Here we explain what website domain is. Web domain is the name or link of your website that you type to search it on the browser. It mainly consists of two things name of your website I. E first part of the website link, and the top-level domain that is the second part of the URL for instance .com, .org, .net, etc. Tech Hive offers a completely developed website to clients that has functioning web hosting and domain hosting features according to the demands of our customers.

You will find our services cheap and professionally sound. Our developers make the best use of modern technology. We offer you a package to buy web domains from the registrars. We also facilitate you to transform your already purchased domain into another new registrar. You can enjoy out class web hosting and domain hosting services at cheap low budget rates. Our team members are always available to listen to your complaints or issues. We will try our best to resolve any of your issues regarding the working of web hosting services and domain hosting. Your trust and confidence in our services is a moment proud of us.




SHARED WEB HOSTING SERVICES IN LAHOREHere we go with basic information about shared web hosting services in Lahore. You might want to know what it is in the World of information technology.

The complementary package is provided to you for your business by the web hosting company. When you launch your website on a web server it is linked to many other websites on the server so basically, it shares the website server. You also share a memory on your central processor unit and other information.

Share hosting technology is no doubt a cheap and smart way to grow your business online. We explain further, website hosting is a server on a computer that enables you to spread your website word wide by providing you a properly working platform.

Companies or IT servers who provide you hosting services are also known as website hosts. Web hosts will provide you web hosting servers on rent.


You might be curious to know how this works online does. When viewers search or explore your website online, all online data will transfer from the server to your website on the viewer’s desktop screen.

So, we can say that shared hosting is just another subdivision of website hosting. Website hosting works and functions with the website share hosting. All this data traveling process happens between the host server and your viewer server online.

Several companies in Lahore are running IT business and providing web hosting along with shared web hosting services. Their services will help you establish and grow your website online.

  • Blue host.
  • A2 hosting.
  • Chemicloud.
  • Hosting
  • TMD hosting.
  • Host winds.
  • HostPapa
  • In motion.
  • I Page.
  • Green Geeks.

No doubt share hosting comes up with so many benefits for clients but it also keeps bad effects.


Shared hosting is a cost-effective service. Budget-friendly and you do not need to spend your money to share your server with other websites. The website hosting companies will also take care of your website set up. You do not need to spend time to protect your website after developing and launching it online. Hosting companies will lessen your burden and make your job easy.


Your shared server may slow down because of traffic on it. There will be no doubt several websites sharing the bandwidth of your main server that hosts your website online. The increase in traffic can cause the hogging of bandwidth.

There are some features of website hosting plans that you should always look for when you are choosing the website hosting service.

  • The reputation of the web site hosting company.
  • The bandwidth of the server is provided by the hosting company.
  • Web hosting must secure and protect your website.
  • The website hosting company must run your website 24 hours 7 days a week without any interruption.
  • The hosting company must give the best customer service support system to its clients.
  • The company must full fill all your technical needs and requirements.

Our company ensures you to facilitate the best web hosting services online.



DOMAIN REGISTRATION SERVICES IN LAHORETechHive is The best Company to Guide you for Domain Registration Services In Lahore. To register the domain of your officially prepared website you can ask the domain registration companies that offer the website hosting domain registration to the clients. You can get domain registration and domain transfer services offered by the company at low costs. Without spending too much money you will easily get your domain registered.TechHive is The best Company to Guide you for Domain Registration Services In Lahore. The objective of the domain registration company is to

  • Transfer the domain of your already registered website or register it newly.
  • When you are about to register the domain of your website the company has to check the availability of the required name you want to assign your website.


Once you are finally done with the designing and development phase of your website you need to set a name for it. You will select a domain and register it online on the main server so the viewers can access your website using the URL you and the domain name you have registered.

Usually, it is recommended to select short names for the domain of your website. A little bit brainstorming and you name your website domain. So, you must keep it short to remember it and to make it easy for the users to find your website online.

The domain names are further divided in to sub domains such as top domain TLD and generic level domains gTLD. For instance .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws, and many other domains that are specific to the country i.e .pk, .us, .uk. etc.

Several domain registration companies are working in Lahore that provides domain registration services at cheap rates. For instance, the sky host provides your IT solution and web hosting services along with the domain registration plan all in a cheap package.

The domain registration company must give your website protection, fast access, and all-time availability for the client s. It must protect all your data on the website with some copyright rules. If you want to buy a domain name for your fully designed website that running online you will have to contact the domain registration company that will ease your task at low rates.


  • Blue host.
  • Host gator.
  • Name cheap.
  • Hover.


  • .biz
  • .com
  • .stream
  • .bid

These domain names are trending Worldwide plus you can purchase these names at quite low rate packages from different companies that are providing the domain registration services in your area.

Apart from all this here we add up that you cannot buy a domain name permanently from the domain registration company. You will have to pay every year you are running your web site online. But yes, you can do prepaid transactions for the next years.

You have to contact the domain name registrar, the domain name, or key that you want to purchase for your website and submit your fee to get the domain. You can also transfer already purchased domain into a new domain key or domain name for your website.




GENERAL TOP LEVEL DOMAINS EXTENSION SERVICES IN LAHOREThe top-level domain is considered as the final phase of your website development. In general, the top-level domain is also named as suffixes of your website. While you are assigning the URL address to your website, it is the “dot” section of the URL link. We can further divide the top-level domain into two sections. GENERAL TOP LEVEL DOMAINS EXTENSION SERVICES IN LAHORE.

  • The country’s top-level domain.
  • Generic top-level domain.

The top-level domain will help you find out the specific features and elements of the website. Top-level domains are assigned to identify the business type, country specification of the website, for instance, you will get to know what type of website it is. From the URL you can identify if it is an institute website or government website link.

The hosting servers have followed some rules and regulations while assigning URLs for your website.


DNS or domain name system, is working to assigning domain names to online websites, services, and many other online resources that are linked to the internet. It will assign domain names to companies, websites, and services that have an online existence.

It also gives an IP address to the websites.


Several extensions are available that you can select or choose for your top-level domain according to your website type. You can choose any extension according to your type of business or organization that you are working for. You must carefully choose the extension that is in alignment with your business or organization.

Educational, company name, personal project purposes, nonprofit organizations, ti identify the company names.

  • .com
  • .edu
  • .net
  • .org
  • .co
  • .biz

Choose carefully for your website you must know what is a type of your website it can be educational, country-specific, office or business work, etc.


You can also make use of some creative domain name extensions that are designed to assign names to private or personal websites online. Online television programs, video recording, and editing projects, personal branding projects, authority related projects, technology-related projects and companies, sites that are designed for a person.

  • .TV
  • .me
  • .expert
  • .guru
  • .io
  • .name


Some domain extensions are designed specifically for some restricted region and areas named as restricted top-level domains. Post office websites, government sector websites, military websites, entertainment, and museum-related industry, aerospace industry-related domains are restricted top-level domains.

  • .post
  • .gov
  • .mil
  • .museum
  • .aero

For instance, at  com is the top-level domain.

Several domains are reserved or restricted for specific functions. For instance, an example is restricted to use, for example, invalid to identify invalid domain extensions, the test is a restricted domain that is used to identify tests.


  • .pk
  • .UK
  • .in
  • .co
  • .de
  • .is
  • .cc
  • .eu
  • .us
  • .tv
  • .cn

And many more country-specific top-level domain extensions are available to use in your website URL address. That will help the users find out your website and its IP address on the internet using URL .TechHive Provides Complete Guide line on GENERAL TOP LEVEL DOMAINS EXTENSION SERVICES IN LAHORE.




LARAVEL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES IN LAHOREThe website development strategy is evolving so fast. And updating innovative technology methods and tools. You also need to stay updated and alert. New technologies and methods are coming in the market to develop web applications easily and fastly with more clear syntax.TechHive provides LARAVEL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES IN LAHORE.

Laravel is the framework for PHP with an innovative 5.6 version. It provides you the opportunity to develop the best web apps in quite simple, expressive, and clear syntax. We have a professional and talented team of web designers who provide professional services. Our designers will come up with fully developed web apps that contain out of the box functions and features. You would be satisfied with working.

Laravel will help you get several benefits and the best required in class solutions. Laravel is designed to feature all SQL codes in one folder. It will provide you a web app that is secure and protected for the future. Laravel comes up with a modular packaging system. It will save you time to help you focus on other important tasks. It comes up with multiple security tools to protect your web application. The unit testing option is also featured in it.


No doubt our professionally sound and a team of talented designers develop the best Laravel web applications to please our clients.

  • Custom Laravel web application.
  • Portal development in Laravel.
  • CMS development in the Laravel framework.


For your service and comfort, our company has arranged a team of expert and professional Laravel web app designers who can design a custom web app in Laravel. It will help you defeat your competitors in the market and reach the success level of your company.

Our designers are working hard to enlist our company in the name of the best Laravel developing companies. To maintain the company performance at the perfection level our develops follow rules and regulations while developing Laravel web applications. In short, we provide all of our professional services with care and responsibility. Our team of developers accesses professional  


Business portals are the most required by clients and trending nowadays. Our expert developers and designers will avail you with the professional business portals developed according to your demands and required features in it. If you have any issues you can give us your feedback and ask any of your queries.


To make your content work and functions management easy our team of expert Laravel developers provides you completely working web CMS. Laravel gives you user-friendly features. Our web developers will design great web apps that will surely help you grow your business. Contact to the TechHive for LARAVEL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES IN LAHORE.

We always prefer to use the innovative and latest technology available in the market to provide you the best web solution. It will ensure the potential to compete with other companies in the market and competitors. Whenever we design a web app we keep our main focus on usability and user-friendly SEO. Our company will let you achieve the maximum benefits and acquire the best in class Laravel solutions.




CODE IGNITER DEVELOPMENT SERVICES IN LAHORESeveral companies and organizations are experts in offering code igniter development services in Lahore. We are providing you with a professional framework of code igniter to develop Java script websites. Our Java script designers use a code igniter framework to create solutions for PHP web development. We offer our clients a user-friendly SEO environment. SEO will help you grow your online business.

Our company is providing you code igniter website development services for a long. Our design community has experience of working on PHP and SQL. We offer you a whole package of code igniter website development from the initial step of installation and functioning to the final step of application development.

No doubt your website is the presentation of the brand that is displayed to the clients in digital form.


The code igniter framework consists of multiple features and functions such as.

  • Management and model controller support system.
  • It is designed to light in weight.
  • It is compatible with various platforms and contains a fully working database.
  • The routing system is custom.
  • Features form and data authenticity facility.
  • It contains privacy and security along with the XSS filtering feature.



Apart from website development we also design website applications with a code igniter framework. Our designers will develop a database featuring website applications according to the requirements and demands of our clients.

The code igniter framework is a great platform to design and develop website applications for instance student or office employees portals. While designing these portals our designers keep in mind the platform must be user friendly and simple to use to facilitate our customers.

Your business or organization needs a professional web application to help you grow your business, which is designed by our experienced and expert code igniter web development designers.

Our team will full fill all your technical requirements hat you want to feature in your web application with the help of the code igniter framework. Our expert code igniter designers will help you out with your code igniter solution requirements.


Code igniter platform is created for you if.

  • You are looking for a platform with small footmarks.
  • You want an exception working web application.
  • You are looking for a framework with exactly no or zero configuration.
  • You want a platform that does not bound to the restrictive coding rules.
  • You want neat simple documentation with easy readability features.


Code igniter is a platform designed for our clients who need a PHP based website or web application. You will find this platform as flexible as possible. It will help you develop your projects faster and quickly without any restrictions or errors in the system. The platform is better than using scratch to develop your web application. This platform will help you focus on your project creatively.

Code igniter is the toolkit or a framework that gives you the tools you need while developing your web application, all on one platform. It helps you make your work easier and less TechHive for CODE IGNITER DEVELOPMENT SERVICES IN LAHORE.



SHARED WEB HOSTING SERVICES IN LAHOREAll social platforms you daily use, like Facebook, Twitter, Insta gram, Wikipedia, Tumbler, Flicker, are developed on PHP. If you dream to dream of a website of your featuring the same platform you will have to learn good use of PHP. Now a day if you want to design such a website featuring the social platform you can avail the PHP development services from multiple companies and organizations providing PHP development services.TechHive is the best company for providing Php development services in Lahore.

In Lahore, several companies are active for the very purpose and services. You can easily avail these services online or offline at our local offices in your town. A team of active and talented team members is arranged to listen to your demands and requirements. Our team members will listen to you, understand you, and work smartly to transform your dream PHP website development into reality.

You will get your desired social website or a student portal for instance at your desktop display domain. We are here to take your feedback. If you have any kind of issues or if you are not satisfied we will notice your feedback and try our best to update all your issues. We are always available to satisfy our very respected clients.

Your trust is a moment of pride for us. To satisfy our clients is our most objective. Our PHP developers team is consisting of talented members, who are fully and professionally trained on these skills. They develop a completely customized PHP designed websites. Fully trained and experienced PHP developers are hired.

We understand and care for your technology needs and features your exactly required features in your website.

24 hours available customer service is provided. Our PHP development team will give you an ideal solution for facilitating your quick response and fast delivery.

We also avail you with the PHP applications development platform.

If you want a quickly designed running website then there is no better solution than PHP and SQL. We also give you service on Java, Angular, React, and Javascript. But these are not as easy and simple as PHP website development services.

To generate social and dynamically interactive websites PHP is specially designed. It is no doubt also considered as a server-side scripting language as it is used to develop scripts for your website. Contact to TechHive for PHP development services in Lahore.

To fully learn and educate yourself on Java you can take several courses on javascript offered in your city. You can also visit other programming resources.

  • Web developer road map.
  • React JS developer road map.
  • Dev Ops developer road map.
  • 5 free courses to learn Git and GitHub.
  • 5 free Eclipse and j Unit courses for Java developers.

All these programming tutorials and courses will help you learn Javascript.

If you wish to set full in house PHP development community that is experienced and professional we provide you the whole package to fulfill your technology demands.

PHP development contains an exciting potential to fabricate a market for your brand or company.

We will help you make your business grow fastly and shine online. You can avail of our professional service anytime you need it.



BUSINESS STATIONARY DESIGN SERVICES IN LAHORE.Most of the business stationery designers are average designed. Business stationery designs are overused in the marketing industry as compared to the logo designs and website designs. Logo designs, website designs are asked to design creative and innovative strategies by clients. But when we talk about stationery designs they are usually selected and designed blindly. Here we will discuss the business stationery designs and their use or purpose of creation in the business World or marketing agency.TechHive is a leading Company for business stationery Design services in Lahore.

  • Letterheads
  • Envelops
  • Labels
  • Business cards

All these contents are professional and aesthetic addition in your business World. Graphically beautiful and aesthetic business stationery designs will enhance the growth of your company’s reputation and charm to it. It will help you grow your PR with other companies and the business world. This content will be no doubt a useful addition to the business strategy of your company.

The information and message you are conveying to your clients and outsourced companies are as important as the content f your business stationery designs including letterheads, envelopes, labels, and business cards. This design strategy has its own worth and special place in your business community. The document must be designed professionally looking and conveying the exact official message to the targeted audience.

If you aim to access your clients more professionally and in a friendly way, the letterhead will help you achieve your objective and help you make your business more appealing and pleasing your clients. Multiple stationary business designing companies are working in Lahore to provide you with the best of your services to groom and grow your very business professionally.

We heir the professional and experienced designers to listen to your requirements and transforms your dream stationery designs into reality. You will get your asked designs prepared by our team of talented and skilled full designers. Our professional designers will always help you achieve your goals and help you make things happen as you wanted to be.TechHive is a leading Company for business stationery Design services in Lahore.

Our company is providing you the outclass services already for a long by designing your required logo designs, website designs, graphic designs, and graphic arts. Now we are here to help you create fascinating stationary business designs up to your demands. We are here to give our designing services and listen to your queries and any kind of issues regarding still stationary business designs. Here are about to discuss some of the practical examples of stationery business designs in our marketing industry.

  1. Agrovida.
  2. Viper tool identity package.
  3. Kempeli.
  4. Google tag.
  5. Oak Long bar plus kitchen.
  6. Vistas Revisor.
  7. Traditional China medicine.
  8. Desk idea.
  9. Sleep in the hostel.
  10. Frame LOGIC.
  11. Air Go.
  12. Fin media.
  13. Ink.
  14. M A H O.


WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES IN LAHOREThere are multiple companies and organizations in Lahore working for website development and design. These companies working across a big range of websites. You will look for a neat, well designed, and great looking website to expand your organization or business. TechHive provides the best website development Services in Lahore.

We have arranged a well-organized team of a talented member who will work for you here, to provide the website of your dreams. Our graphic designers will listen to you, understand you, and use their designing skills and tools to fulfill your dreams on one platform. Our website designers will help you grow your business, boost your audience, and create an identity for you Worldwide.

We provide your website online where you can contact our team members and ask them to design a professional website of your dreams as you want it to be our team members will listen to you and work for your project.


While we design your website we always keep in mind a few points that help us create an exact website that you require.

  • Quick response and fast loading website.
  • An interactive mobile version of the website for smartphone users.
  • Your website must be accessed and searched by Google easily.
  • The website must contain a privacy check.


It is very important now a day to consult mobile users as most spend the majority of our time using a smartphone and exploring websites on it.

  • Do not ignore the conversations of a mobile user.
  • You must high light and centralize your important content on a mobile phone or personal computer.
  • The website must feature a call us now button to comfort the mobile phone users.

You will find your website design as one of the most important tools to grow and expand your business globally. So, you must carefully seek professional services to design your dream website. Our team member arranges a meeting with clients offline and online to discuss their demands and requirements they want on their business website.


The main focus of website designers is the objective of clients. It involves multiple contents.

  • Selection of design and theme.
  • Color theory for website viewers.
  • Targeting your audience.
  • Locating functional regions in your website.
  • Customer’s feedback and experience analysis.


After our website is designed and created finally it is very important to take feedback from the clients and fix their issues or requirement that are not fulfilled. The client needs to get a running live website that works properly with all hyperlinks in it. And it should be access able by Google. A user manual or a guide is prepared with the website to guide the clients.


We provide our clients with online and outsourced companies that help them create their desired websites.

  • Website apps and website design development.
  • Graphic designing services for websites.
  • Outsourcing companies within Pakistan.
  • Software development companies and warehouses.
  • Mobile apps development and design companies or platforms.
  • SEO companies.
  • IT solutions and companies.
  • Online marketing.
  • Web hosting companies.