Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Course In lahore Pakistan

Virtual Assistant Training Course is designed to help you become a successful virtual assistant and start working full time. Join this course instead of wasting time figuring everything out on your own!


With this course, you’ll learn the principles and practical techniques for providing Virtual Assistant Services. You will also get started in a career as a professional virtual assistant with easy-to-follow steps on how to launch your own assistance business!


The Amazon Bootcamp is a program that will help you get into the competitive e-commerce game, and it includes training for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). So if amazon sounds like your dream job, this might be what’s needed!


In this course, you can learn about

  1. How to handle seller central account 

  2. How to drive your client’s product


Virtual Assistant

What do Virtual Assistant Course Classes Imply To You?

The Virtual Assistant course is one of Pakistan’s most widely spread business courses. The material helps businesses easily meet their requirements without any hassle or inconvenience by providing a virtual presence that can do all these tasks for you!


Virtual Assistants are an excellent way for entrepreneurs and business owners to make the most out of their potential. The VA will provide you with monthly reports and help analyze which client is worth your attention in order not to spend time on unproductive clients that won’t grow or develop into something more valuable down the line!


Why employ Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Our virtual assistants are 24 hours willing to serve you. Their assistance will help you with

  • Time managing
  • Profit generation
  • Peace of mentality
  • Sustainability
  • Cost decrease
  • And low investment

What benefits would you earn as a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistant services will help you in selecting your amazon seller account and accepting your orders, processing your orders, along with different tasks of online selling business. Following are the tasks:

  1. Ecommerce Product tracking and data entry
  2. Management of orders and trades
  3. Inventory management on a daily basis.
  4. Writing SEO-based product descriptions
  5. Product customer support 24/7 in the form of email or a chatbox
  6. Management of charge processing
  7. Management of vouchers
  8. Product categories age and handling
  9. Management of product recoveries and refunds
Virtual Assitant

Amazon Fba is a great way to get products in front of customers. It will help with the fulfillment and provide discounts and sponsored ads for your business! Amazon FBA is a great way to launch your products on Amazon and be the best in the competition.

Amazon Fba or PL Training includes:

  1. FBA suitable niche tracking
  2. Product analysis
  3. Product sourcing
  4. Logo making
  5. Order Examples
  6. Order Minimum Quantity
  7. Listing Products

You may not be rich, but you have the passion to learn new skills and provide services. Techhive Solutions is here for your every need with their Amazon PL Virtual Assistant course!